Hypothetical Projects

During my studies at TAFE, we did a lot of hypothetical projects. Some were for real clients, where they would pick the best design, and others would be completely hypothetical. Below are some of the projects that I am most proud of.

One Australia

In 2017, while at TAFE, we had to design a poster for a Refugee Week poster competition. My design was based on the idea that Australia is made up of all different kinds of people, some who were born here, and some who weren’t. So, I made the shape of Australia using books propped up against each other. I then edited all the spines, so that they all said “refugee” in different languages.

My poster was one of around 10 posters designed by tertiary students, chosen to be displayed at the competition’s exhibition (in total there were around 70 posters displayed from primary to tertiary students).

It was also one of 10 posters to be displayed at the World Humanitarian Day lunch held by the United Nations Association of Australia (South Australian Branch).

The Good Stuff

The Good Stuff is a font I designed based on a handwritten sign that I’d found (per the assignments brief). It was a difficult and extremely time-consuming project and hadn’t done anything like it before or since.


Although, at the time, I didn’t drink alcohol, creating wine labels for a TAFE assignment was one of the most enjoyable projects I did while studying. Combining my love of abstract photography with graphic design really helped bring out my creativity.

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