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Miscellaneous Projects

Below are some of the projects I’m most proud of. Particularly the baby shower invitation, as I could see the progress I’ve made as a graphic designer when comparing it to my older designs. I am also proud of the Wheel of Doom as it is one of the first new clients I got after leaving TAFE. And, of course, I’m very proud of my greeting cards, even if they are more of a hobby than a business.

Baby Shower

As I’ve mentioned before on this website, I really enjoy doing invitations. This one was super fun for me because my client didn’t really know what she wanted, so I pretty much had free reign. I quickly designed a few different styles for her to choose from and she ended up picking a very adorable one.

I also like my other designs enough that I might even add them to my Etsy store as a pre-made design!

Wheel of Doom

While volunteering my design services at Orana, my volunteer coordinator asked me if I would do some design work for a friend of hers. It was a pretty simple project as the client knew what he wanted. I designed a promotional banner for his new app which was going to be on demonstration at the 2019 AVCon.

Greeting Cards

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been making my own greeting cards for friends and family. It started off as scrapbooking, and as I discovered graphic design, it became more of a digital process.

In 2019 I opened an Etsy store where I started selling Christmas Cards. Admittedly, this isn’t a priority of mine. It’s just something fun to work on whenever I have spare time (which isn’t often, at the moment). That being said, I am very proud of a lot of my designs.

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