No Strings Attached Theatre of Disability

No Strings is my longest-standing client. I’ve worked with them since I studied at TAFE, originally for a school project. Each year they bring me new projects to work on, and it’s always a joy. Over the years, I’ve worked on rebranding, posters, calendars, flyers, and brochures.


In 2017, No Strings started to perform internationally and decided they wanted to leave behind their community themed branding, in place of a more professional look.

They wanted their new logo to be outside of the box (“no strings attached”) while also representing the theatre. The black and yellow lines can represent an admission ticket, a stage (when horizontal), and a spotlight.

We also opted for a warmer yellow so that it would be easier on the eyes.

I Forgot To Remember To Forget

In 2019, No Strings performed ‘I Forgot to Remember to Forget’ at the Space Theatre at the Adelaide Festival Centre. I was given the opportunity to design a 2-metre sign that was displayed outside of the theatre, along with smaller posters and a media wall for the event. It’s great being able to see your work being displayed in such prominent places.

South Australian Premier, Steven Marshall with No Strings Director, Alirio Zavarce in front of a medial wall I designed.
Here I am, happily standing in front of my work.
The No Strings cast and crew at their 25th anniversary.
Cast and crew at the IFTRTF premiere.

Brochures & Flyers

Over the years, I’ve designed a variety of brochures and flyers for No Strings. With all of these designs, I tried to keep them fairly similar so that the brand feels cohesive.

2019 Annual Report

At the beginning of 2020, No Strings asked me to design their 2019 Annual Report.

As the target audience was largely people with disabilities, it was important to make the information as accessible as possible. This included having a large font for those who have vision impairment. It proved to be quite the struggle to make the design appealing without making the book 100 pages long. After lots of playing around with layouts, we eventually got there!

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