Amy & Alex’s Wedding

In 2019, I designed a variety of things for a couples wedding. I made an invitation, a menu, and photobooth strips (for a DIY photobooth). I tried to keep all of the designs consistent, but not exactly identical.


The most important designs for a wedding are the invitations! I always enjoy doing invitations, because you can have a lot more fun with the designs. The client wanted something that was more traditional but still relatively modern. They were very happy with the designs.


The menus were a last-minute project, created only a day or two before the wedding. I used the invitations as a template, which allowed me to create the designs very quickly.

Photobooth Strips

Having never designed photobooth strips before, this was quite a fun project. I tried to match the design on the strips to the weddings colour theme, but I didn’t stick strictly to the invitation/menu design. Photobooth strips are supposed to be more fun, and quite bare, so that’s what I aimed for.

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